Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

Travel to one of my recommended locations is included within the price. I also travel within 20kms of Caroline Springs, free of charge. Travel outside of the above may incur a small travel fee.

What time of day will my session take place?

I usually shoot around golden hour which is one hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise, This is the time the sun is low and lighting is most beautiful to work with. I avoid shooting in mid day due to the harshness of the sun. However we do have other options if you can’t make golden hour work… Trust me its worth it though!

What is golden hour?

One hour before sunset and the hour after sunrise. During the day the sun can be harsh and unflattering. Golden hour is hands down, the BEST time of day to have your photos taken. The light is soft, warm and and glowy, plus who doesn't love a sun flare?

How far in advance should I book?

It’s always best to book in advance, especially for weekend sessions, these can be booked out for a few months. However if you have a last minute enquiry, please get in touch, I’d love to help you if I can.

When should I book my maternity photos?

It’s best to get in touch around the beginning of your 2nd trimester. Maternity photos are usually recommended from 32-35 weeks, the reason being, your bump is nice and round but not too big so you are still comfortable to move around. There are exceptions to this, If you are having twins or feel your belly is getting big and round earlier you could book before 30 weeks. If you’ve left it a little late to book and still want photos down towards the end of your pregnancy, please get in touch, I may be able to help!

When should I book my newborn photos?

The best time to lock in newborn photos is around the same time you book your maternity photos, the 2nd trimester. The earlier the better, however as always if you’ve left it last minute I may be able to help.

I only take on a certain amount of newborns per month to ensure I have flexibility to be available when Bub arrives. How it works is - We book a rough date around your due date and you get in touch once you have an induction/c section date or once you give birth and we decide on an appropriate date usually before bubs is 14 days old. If for any reason you need/want to get your photos done after 14 days, this is totally fine however Bub may not be as sleepy for those sleeping photos.

How long will my photos take to be ready?

Up to 4 weeks from the time you select your photos. You will receive a gallery around 1 week after your shoot to select your favourite photos.

Can I purchase more images?

Yes you can and you will be provided a price list after your shoot.

What if my kids don't behave??

Honestly, if they want to run wild, let them! Depending on the age/ages of your children, I'll have a few games up my sleeve to engage them and to help get some natural smiles. Please don't stress about getting your kids to behave, scolding your children can end up with a very upset child which is very hard to come back from. Together we will embrace the beauty in the chaos and capture your kids, just as they are!

I'm nervous/awkward in front of the camera, help!?

Trust me, every single person (including me) feels a little anxious at the thought of stepping in front of the camera. It's completely normal. Please don't let this stop you from getting photos. It's my job to make you feel comfortable and to look amazing! My style is very natural and documentative, so don't stress about smiling awkwardly for the camera and just focus on being present in the moment with your loved ones.